20 Thoughts Every Student Has While Revising

For students far and wide, exam season is just around the corner, and that means only one thing: it’s time to revise. You’ve cleared your calender, taken out some books from the library, bought some new fancy pens and now you’re ready to actually sit down and learn. Although you’d think after years of having to revise for exams, you might have realised that this is easier said than done. To help you procrastinate a little longer, here are 20 thoughts every student has when revising:


1. BRING IT ON. I’ve got this – fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Not me, this revision thing is HAPPENING.

2. Well, straight after I’ve made a brew, it’d be rude not to.

3. I should really sort out my folders. And test my pens. And print out all my lecture slides.

4. Okay, come at me notes, I’ve got highlighters and I’m not afraid to use them.

5. Highlighting…highlighting…soaking up the facts….come on brain…keep soaking…

6. WHY IS NOTHING GOING IN?! I must need a break.

7. That’s better. Breaks are mightily important, I definitely read somewhere the brain can only concentrate at optimum levels for 45 minute intervals. It might even have been 30 minutes…


8. It’s so hard to revise when it’s so sunny outside. Come on books, we’re going to study al fresco.

9. MY EYES! WHY DO THEY MAKE PAGES SO WHITE?! Best go and find my sunnies, and get a nice cool drink. It’s vair vair important to stay hydrated.

10. Right, I’ve got this. If my papers would just stay still…there, now I can really get stuck i- WAAASSSPPP!!

11. I’m going back in.

12. Why is none of this coming back to me? They should really call it re-learning. Or just learning. Last semester me is not in my good books right now.

13. Maybe if I look at a past paper I can make an educated guess at what’s going to come up this time?

14. THE HORROR. THE HORROR. Everyone that year must have failed. No more looking at past papers, they’re sick, and wrong and are doing NOTHING for my exam stress.


15. Which, as it happens, can be caused by not giving yourself enough breaks.

16. Right, back to work. I’m such a trooper. Look at the rest of the world, having fun, enjoying the sun. They don’t know what hard work is.

17. It’s no good sitting moaning to myself. I should really WhatsApp the girls so we can all moan together. A problem shared is problem halved, is it not?

18. I know what will help. A RUN. How much more productive can a break get? Good bye stress, hello motivating endorphins.

19. Right now I am SERIOUSLY pumped for work. Good body, good grades, this is going to be MY YEAR.

20. Hold it. It’s 5.30. Everyone finishes work at 5.30 right? Some even go home at 5. I’m finally doing what they always said we should and treating my degree like a full-time job. Now I can just relax, un-wind, and do it all again tomorrow…

Good luck with your exams everyone! And if you’re still not done procrastinating, feel free to check out some revision tips from last year, to you know, solve all your problems…


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