Birmingham Calender: Top Picks for June

It’s June and finally exams are over and the summer is stretching out ahead of us. The past couple of months have been a slog but it’s time to say hello again to that dear friend you have been ignoring, your social life. Gone are the days when your down time is tinged with guilt, so go right on ahead and put these events into your diary, or your phone, or whatever you kids use these days.

Itchy Feet – Lab 11 – Wednesday 4th June

itchy feet

Itchy feet is one of my favourite nights out, and It only comes around a few times a year. Fear not, I’m not going all hipster on you – I like a good chart song as much as the next girl – but when it comes to dancing I’d rather twist than grind any day. So if you fancy a change and you enjoy a good ol’ shimmy to rock ‘n’ roll, ska, swing, soul, and blues (who doesn’t) then put on some serious dancing flats and get yourself down to Digbeth this Wednesday night.

Valefest – Saturday 7th June


Valefest is an annual one day festival that takes place on the Vale, put on entirely by University of Birmingham Students. You don’t, however, need to be a UoB student to go – just someone who likes a good day and night out with their pals. There will be music performances and stages to suit all tastes, as well as film, theatre, comedy and an after-party into the night. Valefest is the largest student run festival in the UK, and this year is in aid of Macmillan and Trekstock cancer charities – so even more reason to get yourself a ticket.

England Vs. Italy at the Hare and Hounds – Saturday 14th June

hare and hounds

On the whole, I don’t really follow football, but if anyone doesn’t get just a little bit excited by the World Cup then they need to sign up to how-to-have-fun classes. What’s better than just watching the World Cup, is watching it with other people. The atmosphere is guaranteed to get you involved, even if you do have to ask ‘which colour are we?’ (although maybe don’t say this too loud in a pub). My top pick of where to go to see England’s first game is the Hare and Hounds in Kingsheath, which is always buzzing. Doors open at 9pm, and although kick off isn’t till 11pm (going to have to stay up past bed time for this one) I’d recommenced getting there early if you want a good spot.

Holi One Colour Festival – Saturday 28th June

holi one

This day festival is like the Sony Bravia ‘colour like no other’ advert, accept you’re there, there’s music, there’s booze, and it’s coloured powder instead of paint (so really, not much like it at all…). Taking place at the Rainbow Arena in Digbeth from lunchtime til late, unlike other festivals this one will shower you with pretty powder, not beer and piss. So grab your pals, grab a ticket, wear all white and  pray that the sun shines on Digbeth on the 28th June.


  1. Emily
    June 15, 2014 / 9:10 pm

    I know I’m so gutted I’m working on that day!

    Ah really glad you liked it, I’ll be doing one every month 🙂

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