Birmingham Calender: Top Picks for May

For many of us May is a stressful month and we are in full revision shut down (or starting a blog, but let’s not dwell on that) –  so you may not feel like your calender has any use except for the big block capitals that are EXAMS. However, I for one am already suffering from cabin fever (I took the bins out today just to see the outside world) so I’m in need of a few things to look forward to. So here are my top picks for things to do in Birmingham this month:

Bank Holiday at Island Bar + The Victoria – Sunday 4th May

down on all fours

 For years bank holiday weekends held only the excitement of an extra day off school. It’s not until you reach the age of 18 and realise that in fact their sole purpose is an extra night of drinking (not that it being a weeknight has ever put students off). Cocktails are usually off the cards on a student budget but at £4 all night this Sunday at Island Bar and The Victoria there are no excuses. It’s also a great opportunity to branch out from Broad Street and discover two of Birmingham’s best independent bars.

The Big Digbeth Clothes Swap – Saturday 17th May

digbeth clothes swap

I love clothes swaps. We all have clothes that we don’t wear anymore, or maybe that we’ve never even worn, but who wants to be selfless and give them to a charity shop when you could get some clothes for yourself in exchange?! It’s a no-brainer. Little Miss Creative is an organisation that supports young creative women in Birmingham, meaning the clothes up for grabs are not going to be the throw-outs of old ladies, but instead they’ll be donated by smashing young women like yourselves.

NT Live at The Electric Cinema – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time – Thursday 22nd May-Sunday 8th June

curious incident Once you’ve added up show tickets, train tickets and a night in a hotel, trips to the West End are pretty much out of the question if you’re on a budget. National Theatre Live streams live shows from big theatres to cinemas around the country, and The Electric on Station Street is no ordinary cinema. It’s the oldest working cinema in the UK complete with Sofas, a bar and waiting service. If you’ve read Mark Haddon’s award winning novel (if you haven’t what are you playing at?) then you’ll know what a top notch story it is, and the stage adaption has won 7 Olivier awards so you really don’t need any more persuading – get booking!

Birmingham International Dance Festival – Throughout May


Birmingham’s International Dance Festival returns for 2014 and it runs from now until the 25th of May. From big productions at the Hippodrome, to free outdoor events, there’s something to suit everyone (except for people who don’t enjoy watching dance, can’t help you there). Even if you don’t book a specific event, if you’re in the city center between Wednesday 21st and Saturday 24th at 9.30pm, head over to Victoria Square to see B-TOWN, a free street dance show representing the variety of ideas, inspirations and cultures that Birmingham has to offer.

Let me know what you think!