Deliveroo Birmingham Turns One!

This week Birmingham’s Deliveroo guys have been celebrating their first birthday after one whole year of bringing tasty grub to our doors. If you haven’t heard of Deliveroo (where have you been?) it’s a take-away service that delivers restaurant food to our dining tables at home, so you don’t have to leave your house to enjoy restaurant standard grub. In just one year the Deliveroo riders in Brum have covered over 156,000km, delivering to homes and offices across the city.


Deliveroo isn’t just a glorified Just Eat – instead of a greasy take-away you can really bring the restaurant experience into your home as many of the menus are the same as when dining out – you can even order alcoholic drinks! Over 100 restaurants have signed up in Birmingham, including favourites such as Sabai Sabai, Café Soya and Yakinori. The average delivery time is just 30 minutes, and you can even order up to a day in advance, which could be really handy if trying to fit in a fancy office lunch. Similar to Uber, you can even watch your driver make his way to you on the Deliveroo app, perfect for if you want to have the table set ready!


As Deliveroo has only recently expanded to my area, I tried the service for the first time this week to see what all the fuss was about! Though previously I had wondered whether it might not just be nicer to go to the restaurant, I was very soon won over to the idea that sometimes it’s nicer to stay in! We ordered from Zizzi in Harbourne, and I loved the freedom you get from mixing restaurant standard food with your own kitchen. We ordered a pizza each for our main and a dessert to share, but teamed this with wine that we already had in and a starter we made ourselves (very easily done when you can see how far away your main is!). Once we’d taken away the delivery boxes, put the food on plates, set the table and poured ourselves some wine it made for a really romantic meal – without any of the less-romantic stress in the kitchen!


*The cost of our order was partly covered by Deliveroo – however I was not required to write about it and it does not affect my honest opinion.


Let me know what you think!