Good Girl Gone Brum’s Best Birmingham Food and Drink of 2016

2016 is finally at an end, and the general consensus floating around on social media is ‘thank God’. Politically, this year has been a grim one. Personally, it’s been a year of change: Graduation, a new job and a new proper home in Birmingham. Whatever you think of the past year, one thing is for sure, it’s been another corker for the Birmingham food scene. 2015 was the year that food in Brum really took off, and 2016 has continued this revival with a host of new restaurant openings and some exciting new ventures from some of our best chefs and bartenders. So this New Year’s Eve, once again I thought I’d take a look back at the food and drink that really stood out on my adventures with Good Girl Gone Brum:

Best starter: Popcorn shrimp, Chi kitchen


This starter is the perfect balance of comforting deep-fried goodness and some more interesting flavours such as the wasabi mayo and pomegranate seeds. Combined, this surprisingly light starter is a must if you’re visiting Chi Kitchen.

Best Vegetarian dish: Duck egg, the Wilderness


If I’m being honest, every single dish I’ve tried at the Wilderness could be in this post, but to keep things mildly worth reading, I’ve narrowed it down to my favourite. This duck egg was simply sublime, with the silkiest texture I have ever experienced. Imagine eating molten gold, but far less painful and more egg-y…

Best Fishy on a Dishy: Sushi platter, Rofuto


Newly opened in 2016, Rofuto does some of the best sushi in town. This platter really blew us away, and when you can enjoy such outstanding food in the setting of a stylish skyline restaurant, you’re onto a winner.

Best Dessert: Peanut and caramel delice, Opus Restaurant


Admittedly, competition for the best dessert has not been hot this year, but after searching through my past outings, this little number came up trumps. This indulgent and fluffy dessert is an absolute beauty for any peanut lovers, and there was something about it’s simplicity that really made it work.

Best Cocktail: Pink Lady, Bourne and Co.


The sign of a good cocktail bar is their creativity and originality when it comes to their menu, however, the sign of a great cocktail bar is when, as well as their own recipes, they can also create the classics so well that, they too, can blow you away. This is certainly the case when it comes to Bourne and Co.’s Pink Lady, which is effortlessly sublime.

Thank you for reading Good Girl Gone Brum in 2016, I hope you will join me (not literally, Jack would kick up a fuss) on my foodie adventures in the new year!


Let me know what you think!