Guest Post: A New Christmas Tradition

Today I’m excited to give you Good Girl Gone Brum’s first ever guest post! In the run up to Christmas (so, er, in the next week!) I hope to host a couple of these, and my first one is from the lovely Lauren. So make sure you go give her snazzy blog a read, and a big thanks to Lauren for writing this post for my blog – I have to warn you now though, some serious heart warming is in store! 


Hello everyone! I’m Lauren from lifestyle blog What Lauren Did Today. When the very lovely Emily asked on Twitter for guest bloggers I jumped at the chance as I love her blog, and I’ve been wanting try out this guest-posting thing for a while. Her only instruction was to talk about something festive, so I thought I’d share with you my new Christmas Tradition.

Christmas traditions are a funny thing, as most are usually traditions because they’ve been in your life forever. Most of the Christmas Traditions I have in my family were started by my parents when I was tiny, like how we open one present on Christmas Eve evening. Or another tradition that has begun over the past few years is watching all of the Harry Potter films back-to-back. But since I am nearing the ripe old age of 20 (I’m terrified), I thought it was about time I started a tradition of my own.


I decided that I wanted to buy myself a beautiful, special, stand-out decoration for the Christmas tree, and I’m planning on doing this every year from now on, too. I just think it will be so nice when I eventually move into my own home to have my own special collection of Christmas decorations. This year, I chose one with my boyfriend. But I think it might be quite nice to choose one with a different person every year – next year it could be my sister, then the year after my dad.

My favourite baubles were actually from John Lewis, but I don’t live anywhere near one so my boyfriend and I went to town to hunt for a pretty replacement for the lovely ones we saw online. It was a pretty stressful trip, as no where seemed to do any nice ones! Paperchase had some nice options, but they didn’t have that special vibe I wanted. In the end, we tracked this one down from M&S. It’s funny because we both picked it up to show one another without knowing the other had seen it – it was just perfect. It’s a dome of glass, with a silver ribbon on top to hang from, and a white sparkly base. Inside is a pretty white reindeer and a pink tree. It wasn’t really expensive either (£5) but I adore it.

Do you have any special Christmas Traditions?

Again, thank you so much to Emily for letting me guest post! xx

bauble 2




Let me know what you think!