Horrendous Hangovers and How to Handle Them

It’s the morning after a great night, but from the moment you open your eyes you know you’re in for a day of regret; not just of how much you had to drink, but of the very day you were born. If you’ve got a day of lectures ahead of you, then quite frankly there is nothing you can do but pull yourself together and consider yourself a trooper. If you’ve got a day of very little to do, then go right on ahead and indulge in a write-off day, wallow in self pity, and follow these tips to get you through until you go can go back to bed, if you ever even got out of it.


Eat the Food that you Fancy

Hangovers come in many different shapes and forms. Sometimes you can wake up and the very thought of food makes you want to vom, other times you can wake up and believe you may very truly cry if you don’t get something fried down you within ten minutes. As a general rule, you should listen to your belly and give it what it wants. However moderation is key (you know this now from last night do you not?), your tummy is feeling pretty fragile, and too much or too little of anything might send it over the edge.

Drink lots of Water

You’ve heard it before and you are about to hear it again. There is NOTHING better you can do for your body than drink water. Your insides are going to be whinging all day over how thirsty they are,¬†listen¬†to this and keep water on hand throughout the day. Even though you’re shattered don’t give in to the call of coffee, your banging head will not thank you. Water, people, is your friend.

Watch lots of Films

Hangovers often write off any hope of being productive; it’s pretty impossible to work when a computer screen makes your head hurt and temporary dyslexia seems to set in if you try to read. This means a hangover day is the perfect excuse for a duvet-covered, dressing-gown-wrapped, sofa-dwelling film marathon. Forget the Da Vinci Code or Inception (although a bit of Leo never hurt anyone), today is a day for chick flicks, Disney films and musicals. Anyone who says all ‘hangover cures’ are a myth has obviously not got a subscription to Netflix.

Rely on Moral Support

I’m going to take a wild guess that whenever you’ve been hanging whilst at home with your parents, the sympathy did not exactly flood in. One of the best things about hanging in a student house is that everyone feels your pain. Moral support is strongest when your house-mates also joined you in last night’s shenanigans. You can reminisce over the night before (if you can remember it), in between complaining of being on deaths door; if there is one thing that makes suffering that bit easier, it’s seeing those around you suffer as well – it’s just a fact of life.

Take a Shower

This is one for general self-respect and dignity that you may, or may not, need to restore after last night. Yes you’re having a lazy day in, but I guarantee you will feel a hundred times better once you’ve washed the make-up smears off your face, the Jagerbomb out of your hair and the general club grimness out of every pore. You are going to be acting like a zombie for the day, but trust me ladies, you’ll feel far more positive if you don’t look like one too.



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