How to Make the Most of Your Sundays

Sunday is supposedly a day of rest, and so it should be…in part. Go right on ahead guys and have your lie-in, your film in bed and your roast, but if you make room for a few other tasks on a Sunday it could turn your week around. If you have a busy week and you find it hard to stay organised, try setting aside some of your beloved Sunday afternoons to prepare and sort your life out. Read on for a few ideas on how to make the most of your Sundays:


Make a Meal Plan

You can save yourself a lot of time and money if you know exactly what you’re going to eat this week and have everything in for it. If you’re the type to spend half an hour on a Thursday evening trying to scrape together a meal only to realise you’re missing a key ingredient, then it might be worth spending a teeny weeny bit of your Sunday making a proper meal plan.

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Prepare Your Outfits

If you work full-time then you can’t just throw any old thing on in the morning. How many times have you woken up for work and spent way too long deciding what to wear and then having a mad rush to iron it? Take some time out on Sunday to plan your outfits and iron them, and your weekday mornings will become far less stressy. If you want to take this to extremes then download the Stylebook app¬†which lets you upload a virtual version of your wardrobe, create outfits and even plan them on a calendar.

Sit Down With Your Diary

Whether you use a physical diary or one on your phone, Sunday is the perfect time to have a weekly catch-up with your life. To help your week run smoother, don’t just write down planned events – schedule in errands, work-outs and chores so that you can feel on top of everything that needs doing in the week ahead. Having a quick check of your diary before the week begins also means you won’t completely miss someone’s birthday or a plan you made a long time ago.


Prepare Some Grub

Know that you’ve got a hectic day in the week ahead and want to make it easier? Your future self will thank you if you have a couple of meals in the freezer that you made on Sunday afternoon. Likewise, Sunday is the perfect time to bake cakes for your lunches or make a bulk batch of salad that you can keep in the fridge all week.

Beautify Yourself

There is something super therapeutic about spending a Sunday evening keeping up with some good ol’ beauty maintenance before the week ahead. There is nothing that makes you feel like you’ve got your shit together more than starting the week with washed brushes, plucked eye-brows, painted nails, a bleached tash…I could go on! The great thing about making Sunday evening your weekly pamper sesh is that you are technically preparing for the week ahead but you’re also spending the last smidgen of your weekend giving yourself a healthy dose of TLC.

I hope everyone has a great week, let me know if there are any little things you do on a Sunday to start your week off right!


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