News: New Cocktail Menu at Bar Opus

The Opus group (cafe, bar and restaurant) has a great reputation in Birmingham. The three different venues offer different styles of food and drink, but you can always guarantee the same Opus quality of service and ingredients. So when I was invited to visit Bar Opus and try their new cocktail menu, I was interested to see if the selection could be taken from strength to strength. As the bar is situated in the Colmore Business District, I rarely think to go there when in town – my visit last week reminded me that I definitely need to rectify this!


The evening consisted of a group of Birmingham bloggers being shown how twelve of the new cocktails are created, followed by a taster in a shot glass (and a full glass each from one of the demonstrations). Though it’s not always easy to get the full effect of a cocktail from a small sample, it was enough to give us a taste of what could be expected, and the kinds of favourites that we’ll no doubt be ordering on our next visit!


First up was the Milk Punch. This was the only creamy cocktail of the new twelve, created with bourbon, rum, vanilla syrup, half and half (milk/cream), and nutmeg. Though delicious, I’m not sure if a full glass of this wouldn’t be too sickly – but if you can handle your sweet and indulgent drinks then this is the one for you!


The only other one that I wasn’t so sure about was the Hereford Scrambler, a mix of Chase rhubarb vodka, Chase blackcurrent liqueur, lime, lemon and soda. This was sweet but sharp, and reminded me slightly of children’s medicine.


One that really grabbed my attention was the Beggar’s Banquet. I would never ordinarily order a cocktail made with bourbon, Peaky Blinder ale, Angostura bitters, maple syrup and lemon, but surprisingly it really worked. This long cocktail is definitely worth a try, even if, like me, you’re not a fan of ale or whiskey!


The two that were perhaps my favourite were the ones that had been kept simple. The Ginger Bellini was just ginger liqueur, ginger syrup and prosecco, and yet this simple combination left me wondering why it isn’t more common, as it was spot on! The cocktail that I was able to try in full was the Cowboy Hoof Martini: gin, orange bitters, mint, syrup. This short drink was strong and refreshing, with the mint being able to dominate.


There were also a couple of classics on the new menu, the most welcome of these being the Clover Club. I’m a big fan of this gin based drink, and the one at Bar Opus did not disappoint. As with all the cocktails, the presentation was simple and stylish, and the silky texture was everything you could want from this classic drink.


Overall, Bar Opus have created a well balanced, sophisticated cocktail menu, where there is definitely something for everyone. If you’re looking for sweet, strong, summery or something in-between, I can’t imagine you won’t find one you love! Make sure you head over to Bar Opus at One Snowhill to try out a couple in their stylish surroundings. Thank you to Bar Opus for having me, I look forward to returning!


The cocktails at this event were complimentary. This does not affect my honest opinion.


Let me know what you think!