Primark: Every Student’s Frenemy

There was a time when Primark was an out and out shoddy shop. Back in primary school I can remember using ‘she gets her socks from Primark’ as slander (I’m glad to say my bitching techniques have improved). But then something happened, almost overnight – Primark got good.The shops themselves began to look like real shops and not discount warehouses, and the clothes started to become like all the other clothes on the High Street, whilst still being as cheap as chips. Despite some people’s insistence on calling it ‘Primani’, it does however still come with a certain stigma, and sometimes for a good reason. So here is my list of when Primark is your best friend, and when it is your very worst enemy.


Leggings are a big fat NO.

We’ve all been there, behind someone on an escalator and not quite knowing where to look, and we can all guess where they got their leggings from. Please ladies, invest in some leggings that leave more up to the imagination – otherwise you may as well be wearing tights.

Make-up is hit and miss.

I decided to give Primark’s new ‘P.S’ make-up range a go and for a mere £4.50 I walked away with a nail varnish, two eyeliner pencils and a ‘night’ themed eyeshadow palette. The nail varnish was, quite simply, pants. It went on fine, but soon afterwards there was more chip action than a McCain factory. This nail varnish wouldn’t even last one evening out, so £1 or not, it’s really not worth it. I was impressed with the eyeshadow when I first put it on, but by the end of the night I was sporting the panda look in quite a big way, so I wouldn’t recommend the darker shades.The eyeliner however was a good buy; again at only £1 I wasn’t expecting much, but it goes on well and stays on all day.  In general the P.S branding and packaging makes it feel slightly above your usual Primark, but the effect is somewhat ruined by the lack of proofreading…

2014-04-14 09.29.19

Primark was designed for festivals.

As a general rule when packing for a festival, don’t take anything that you would quite like to bring home with you. A weekend of mud, alcohol and portaloos is never going to be a good recipe for all your best clothes. The summer issues of magazines are always full of festival style guides but lets be honest, when you wake up feeling about as fresh as a forgotten peach and not quite sure if you’re going to be able to hold out the queue for the portaloos, the last thing on your list of priorities is your fancy festival outfit. Before you go, get yourself down to Primark and stock up on shorts, t-shirts and sunnies that were made to be ruined.

Primark can’t be beaten on seasonal crap.

Whether it’s a good ol’ Christmas jumper you’re in need of (yes, need is the word), or whether a questionable Halloween costume is more up your street, Primark has you sorted. I’d like to say you can’t go wrong with a bit of seasonal crap – but you can – you can pay far too much for it. You’re only going to wear these things about once a year, so why would you fork out?!




  1. Emily
    May 5, 2014 / 3:12 pm

    Thank you! It’s early days but I’m really enjoying it! xx

  2. June 12, 2014 / 9:24 am

    The things I go to Primark for are tees for my 23month old nephew, night shirts for myself and my sister, and like you said, seasonal stuff.

    They have a range of cardigans though that I seem to be addicted to, regardless of the fact that I need a new one every other month!

    • Emily
      June 12, 2014 / 10:40 am

      Haha yeah, the cardigans do wear out quickly, especially with buttons falling off! Oh yeah I forgot nightwear – they are super good for that too!

      • June 15, 2014 / 8:33 pm

        Yep! Absolutely love the sleep wear from Primani… Only time I do different is when M&S do the crazy sales and I can get stuff for under a fiver… miserly I know 🙂

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