Review: New Cocktails at Tapas Revolution, Birmingham

Tapas Revolution has really found its feet in the Grand Central shopping centre. Under the glass roof atrium on a sunny day you could be dining al fresco (as the over-exposed photos will testify to) and the buzzing, laid back feel in the restaurant makes it the perfect spot for some casual mid-shopping or after-work dining. The small chain has recently revamped its cocktail menu, and a few weeks ago I was invited down to give them a try. Read on to hear about this small but well curated menu, and why you should certainly stop by for a drink next time you’re passing!


As always with this place, the service was top notch. Very friendly, very informal and very Spanish – just what you want for this kind of meal! For a more detailed review of the service, restaurant and food have a read of my first review of Tapas Revolution because now, I’m heading straight into the cocktails!

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The first one I went for had caught my eye when I first saw the new menu: the sparkling rose margarita. This tequila based drink was topped with raspberry fizz, rosewater and lemon sherbet. This was a really refreshing, summery drink, though missing a margarita’s signature tang. If I’m being picky I could say it could have also been served in a margarita glass rather than a martini glass, but it was no great deal. A really enjoyable, short drink if you like your cocktails strong and fruity!


Jack’s first drink was the passion fruit and marzipan batida. We were interested to find out whether this rarer flavour combination would work – and it really did! This drink somehow managed to be velvety and sweet (condensed milk, vanilla and marzipan vodka) as well as fresh and zingy from the passionfruit. The aftertaste from the amaretto was spot on, and we would certainly order this again.

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I then opted for the veterano julep, another fruity concoction that is so irresistible when sat in the sun eating tapas! With very little in common with a traditional mint julep, this drink is brandy based and lengthened with strawberry, pomegranate, mint and lemon. Again, very drinkable and very fitting for the setting, though nothing particularly imaginative about the recipe.


Finally, as we moved onto dessert Jack finished with an espresso blanco martini. Not a drink for stead-fast lovers of the traditional espresso martini, this cocktail also includes dark chocolate liqueur, frangelico and brandy rather than vodka. Regardless, it was a perfect ‘dessert’ cocktail – sweet and smooth without being sickly. I would recommend enjoying this at the end of the meal or, as we did, accompanied by a plate of churros!


We were also served a few tapas dishes to enjoy along with our drinks which, as usual, really hit the spot. My stand-out dish was the berenjenas fritas: fried crispy aubergine with a spiced honey and thyme dressing – a must for all aubergine fans!


Overall, the new cocktail menu at Tapas Revolution is exactly the kind of thing you’d expect to find at this kind of place – fun, fruity cocktails, often with a bit of a twist on the classics. You won’t find your harder drinks on the menu, nor will you find anything to particularly shout about – but you will a selection of enjoyable drinks with classy presentation and served with a smile. For me, you wouldn’t ask for anything else to wash down some summery, Spanish tapas with.

The food and drink on this occasion were complimentary for review purposes. This does not affect my honest opinion.

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