Review: Revolution Cocktail Masterclass

Revolution on Broadstreet is all about fun and quirky drinks in a buzzing environment, and so when myself and some other local bloggers were invited down to try out their updated cocktail masterclass, it certainly sounded fun! Because I was incredibly hungover Because I am a health conscious individual who makes sensible choices I decided it would be a great opportunity to try a mocktail experience, but this review will allow you to see what is on offer at Rev’s new masterclass, whether you’re drinking or not!


When we arrived we were greeted with a drink (the bubblegum daquari) to sip on whilst the  evening’s plans were explained to us. This was a great way to start as it got everyone chatting and meant that immediately you had a drink to keep you going, rather than having to wait for your turn to make one. We were also given a name sticker with a vodka shot flavour on, and throughout the evening there was a game in which you had to listen out for your shot number being called. This was a fun ice-breaker and meant we had to stay on our toes throughout the evening, for fear of having to drink a forfeit shot!

DSCF6929 DSCF6936

We then got into making a cocktail each – I made the ‘superfruit nojito’, which was a berry flavourved mojito style mocktail. This went down really well, though you can’t really go wrong with a fruity juice drink! Paul, who was leading the masterclass, was great at explaining how to make the drinks and at making sure we were all having fun. This masterclass wasn’t necessarily about learning anything technical about the cocktails, but it definitely gave you a chance to get behind the bar and do everything for yourself.

DSCF6943 DSCF6946

After we’d warmed up and made a cocktail each, we were split into two teams and began making cocktails through various party games. These games, such as sharing arms with a partner or popping balloons that had the ingredients on, were fun and certainly helped build a party atmoshpere. Though the games are designed to help groups such as hen parties get to know eachother, there are certainly some zero personal space moments that might not be for everyone, so if you’re opting for Revolution for your masterclass, make sure you’re an outgoing group!

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The masterclass included some little extras that made the evening feel like it had had some creative ideas put in, rather than a straightforward drink-making class. A volunteer from the winning team got to perform the tumbling shot trick, and we were also given a certificate at the end of the evening, that might make a particularly nice keep-sake for special occassions such as birthdays or hen parties. As we were reviewing the ‘masterclass with party nibbles’ option we had something to graze on as we were watching each other make drinks, and dietry requirements were well catered for.

DSCF6949 DSCF6950

Overall, the Revolution masterclass was a really fun evening, and there was plenty of drink flowing to get everyone in the party mood. Though this might not be the right choice if you want something a little more reserved, such as a work team-building night, or if you particularly want to learn more about the art of cocktails, it certainly is a safe bet if you want to have a laugh with a fun-loving bunch of people. The masterclass options start at £25pp, and if you’re arranging a masterclass for 8 or more people, you can use the promo code bloggerMC to get one place free! Thank you to Taylah and Paul for having us all!

*This masterclass was complimentary for review purposes. This does not affect my honest opinion.


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