Revision Survival Guide

It’s no good denying it any longer, revision period is well and truly upon us. After four years, revision has become a season on our calender in its own right, a bit like the festive season, without the festivities. So to get you through another year, here is my guide to revision and how to survive it:zanzibar

Buy new stuff.

It would be absolute sacrilege to start revising half way through a notebook, in fact if I saw someone doing this I may have to have a little cry. There is nothing better to motivate you and to get you in the right frame of mind than a brand spanking new Pukka Pad that screams FILL ME. Plus, if you get a Project Pukka Pad they have dividers, need I say more. A new notepad and a fresh unused folder are a minimum, but if you’re not on a budget or you are like me and would sooner spend your money on stationary than to have food in the fridge then go right ahead and buy coloured pens, highlighters and post-it notes to your hearts content. I’m in love with the new Zanzibar collection in Paperchase at the moment (above) so get yourself down to Selfridges asap because we all know parrot stationary means good grades. 

Do not revise with friends.

Okay, Some people can do this, but they are a rare breed. Friends are useful when you are nearing the end of revising and you need people to test you on your notes, but any other time it simply does not work. Seeing friends should be saved for when you’re taking a break because naturally, you will want to catch up with them, de-stress with them, eat food with them – you will want to do anything with them that is not revising.

grazeDo not get morbidly obese.

During revision period you spend most of your time sat at your desk not moving, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use snacking whilst they work as a way of not losing their will to live. However unless you want to be rolled into the exam hall try to do some exercise in between revision and keep the snacks relatively healthy. If you have £3.95 a week or fortnight to spare Graze boxes are an easy and more appealing alternative to your average bag of dried fruit – I’ve got mine on order just over revision period, using the money I will be saving from the inevitably non-existent social life I can be expecting over the next few weeks.

Find your natural revision habitat.

There’s no one size fits all for where exactly you should revise. If you are easily distracted by others, your own room is your best bet. If you’ve got a rowdy household you might want to use the library. If it’s sunny and not windy or waspy you can even revise outside (sunnies are a must though if you’re trying to read). Find out where is best for you, but one thing is for sure – it is not your bed.

Get down to the nitty-gritty.

My final tip is to er, revise. Procrastination is far more tempting now that most of us work from computers. Sitting at your desk is not the same as revision. Reading about revising (or writing a blog post on it…) is not the same as revision. Having a Sparknotes tab open is not the same as revision. The trick to learning things is to sit there and learn them. That means putting your phone out of reach, closing facebook and not deciding that now is a perfect time to label all your plastic wallets, organise your My Documents or test all the pens in that dusty old desk tidy.



  1. cousin Dave.
    May 4, 2014 / 6:09 pm

    If you are like me and browsing the internet is far more enticing than reading through boring pdf’s and word documents, its worth un-pinning your internet browser from the start bar just so you can’t see it in the corner of your eye jumping up and down shouting “click me! Click me! I’m full of interesting stuff! And besides, you deserve a 5 minute break!”

  2. Emily
    May 5, 2014 / 9:05 am

    Yeah that’s a good idea! Or if like me you have to work from the internet at least un-pin things from your bookmarks bar, they say exactly the same things to me!

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