So You’re Thinking of Starting a Blog…?

After nearly a year of blogging, though I’m no expert, I’ve learnt what it’s like to take the plunge and grow my own blog. A long the way have been surprises, challenges, new friends and a whole lotta writer’s block. If you’ve toyed with the idea of starting your own blog it can be hard to know what it would really be like and if blogging is going to be something you’ll enjoy. To help you out here are a few tips on what to expect and why you should, or maybe shouldn’t, become a blogger:

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Make sure you love writing. Whatever your blog niche, even if it’s fashion or beauty, writing is important. It’s how you connect with your readers and get across your ideas. If writing is something you find difficult, then blogging is something that will become difficult too.

Make sure you have time. Or make time! Blogging is a fairly demanding hobby. Not only do you have to plan and write posts, but keeping up to date with your social media and emails can be very time consuming! If you rarely post because you simply haven’t got time, you’ll struggle to build an audience who will keep coming back. That being said, even if you can’t afford to compromise your other priorities, you can still make it work by staying consistent and organised.

Network with other bloggers. The blogging community are a lovely bunch, and are super supportive. Get actively involved in the community and people will notice you and show their support. Take part in twitter chats and comment on other people’s blogs. You’ll probably find yourself making some genuine friendships at blogger’s events or online, which far outweighs any freebies when it comes to the perks of blogging.

Be proud of what you’re doing. Blogging is not as easy as some people might think. Writing posts and promoting your blog takes a lot of creativity, time and effort and in the end you’ll have something that you can be really proud of. Don’t let anyone make you feel embarrassed about your blog, you’re creating a following of people who want to read what you have to say, and not everyone can do that.

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Start blogging for the perks. If your blog keeps growing, you may eventually get to enjoy some of the perks. Freebies are great, but blogging simply because you love it is better. If you just want to become a blogger to get the free products or complimentary meals, this will show through in the quality of your blog and it won’t become successful. Blogging is about giving your readers what they want to read, not about gaining what you want from PR companies.

Expect everyone to ‘get it’. If you decide to show your blog to your family and friends, be prepared for not everyone to understand why you’re doing it. It’s great to have the support of your loved ones, but don’t take it personally if they tease you a bit about it or don’t read your posts, your blog won’t appeal to everyone, and that’s okay.

Expect success over night. The first few months of blogging can be the most exciting but can also be the most frustrating. It takes time for the world to notice your little corner of the internet and to build a readership. Don’t be discouraged if to begin with you feel as if you’re writing to a big black void – keep at it and if your content is good then your blog WILL grow.

Compare yourself to others. Especially when you just start out, it is easy to compare your blog to bigger and better blogs and feel discouraged about your own. This can lead to feeling as if there is one ‘right’ way to blog, and attempting to emulate others. Instead, concentrate on making your blog unique and honest to yourself, and remember that even the biggest and best bloggers started small.

Are you thinking of starting a blog or have you got any other tips to give to potential bloggers? 



  1. March 1, 2015 / 5:10 am

    I think these are really good tips! It’s definitely important in the beginning to not compare yourself and just be patient! Even after a year some of my family still don’t get it, but I think thats normal and now I don’t worry too much about it. I love blogging and that’s what matters! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • Emily
      March 2, 2015 / 12:34 pm

      Thanks! And same here, The Boyf really doesn’t get it, but that’s okay! You’re so right, as long as you’re enjoying it then it doesn’t matter, especially considering you’re doing so well! x

  2. March 8, 2015 / 10:02 am

    These are some really great points! I personally look for your blog first in my bloglovin’ feed, it’s really nice to see such a successful blog which I can aspire to that isn’t years and years old. i’ve casually mentioned my blog to my boyfriend but thats about it, nobody really knows too much about it.. not sure how to bring it up!

    Sophie |

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