Top 3 Cookbooks for the Veggie Student

Learning to cook as a student is not always easy, but if you’re a veggie, for whatever reason, cooking needs that bit more thought. Tones of vegetarian cookbooks can be a little overwhelming and use lengthy lists of expensive and hard to come-by ingredients. Fear not however, the good news is there are a few aimed at the novice cook, or those whose purses are a little smaller. So here are my top 3 cookbooks for the veggie student:

hungry student The Hungry Student Vegetarian Coobook – Charlotte Pike Like any good student cookbook, the introduction to The Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook is full of advice for those who aren’t used to cooking. It’s also got a handy page about eating vegetarian and how to avoid slipping up, if you’re new to the diet. The author Charlotte pike cooked as a student for 4 years, so this book understands that we want our food cheap, easy and fast, but also good. Along with a chapter dedicated to ‘the morning after’, this book has everything you need when trying to eat well whilst still living a student lifestyle.

veggie noshVegetarian Nosh for Students – Joy May Though some of the recipes in this one involve a tad more faff, every meal I have made out of here has been top notch. Each recipe comes with a list of keys, showing how much the meal will cost per person, how easy it is to make, how many it will serve and how long it will take to make. In case you’re really stuck for inspiration, there are also a few weekly meal plan examples to try that make sure you get all the extra iron and protein you’ll need as a veggie.   Eat Vegetarian – Sam Sterneat vegetarian This is my go-to cookbook for weekend meals, when you have the time to make something a little more exciting. This book is great for showing you how to nail the basics, but then go on to spice things up a bit and experiment. If you enjoy cooking, and want to eat seriously well as a student, then this is the veggie cookbook for you. This book isn’t specifically aimed at students however, which explains the chapter on afternoon tea…


  1. January 23, 2015 / 2:54 pm

    I actually love student cookbooks, even as not a student anymore! Always love quick easy and cheap recipes 🙂 x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • Emily
      January 24, 2015 / 12:46 pm

      Ha yes, I think I will be turning to them a long time after I’ve graduated! x

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