Valentine’s Day Table Decorating

Next week it’s Valentine’s day, and whether you’re doing something with your partner or having an anti-Valentine’s day get-together with your friends, it’s always a nice excuse to spend some quality time with those that mean the most to you over food! As much as I love eating out, one of my favourite things to do on the day is cook a special meal, get in some bubbly, and create a romantic set-up at our own dining table. So when Oak Furniture UK asked me to show how I will be doing up my table this year, I saw it as a fab chance to create something simple (there’s no need to spend lots of cash) but special, so take a look at how you can create a similar look, so that that extra-effort meal gets the setting it deserves!


If, like me, you don’t have a gorgeous oak dining table to show off, then a clean fresh table cloth is a good place to start! I went for white to really set off the Valentine’s-day-red features!


Candles are an absolute must to create that extra romance, so try to have enough so that you can turn off the main lights but still see what you’re eating!


I’ve dotted some Valentine’s themed chocolates along the table – not only do they look super cute, but you can always pop a cheeky one in your mouth if, like whenever I cook special meals, there is a bit longer than planned in between courses!


I went for the obvious red-theme for my plates and place-mates, but if you don’t own anything in the traditional Valentine’s day colours, simply use anything that gives it that special feel, like those wine glasses that only come out on special occasions or those candles that you have been thinking are too pretty to light! It’s worth checking out your Christmas decoration stash for anything red, sparkly or shiny – you can’t really avoid a bit of cheese around Valentine’s day – so don’t be afraid to go all out!


*I was provided with a voucher to put towards creating the table setting. I also used things I already had – you don’t need to spend a lot to create a similar look!


Let me know what you think!